Monday, 31 March 2008

Execute entire page with elevated privileges

I recently tried to make an entire page run under elevated privileges (just to see if I could). The idea was to override the IHttpHandler ProcessRequest method, elevate the privileges and then continue running the page.

This isn't something I would recommend doing. The idea came to me whilst trying to resolve a different issue with Form Digest during code executed under RunWithElevatedPrivileges. The solution to which can be found here Form Digest and SPSecurity.RunWithElevatedPrivileges.

However, I did manage to elevate the privileges of the entire page and this is how I did it.

The ProcessRequest method implements the IHttpHandler interface and is the entry point into the page. What I discovered is that both the SPContext class and the SPControl class both depend on objects initialised in the context.Items collection.
Elevating the privileges at this point means that the form digest control will be created in the context of the privileged account.

One issue that may arise is that client script sometimes updates the FormDigest value this could potentially invalidate the digest.

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